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Pumped Electric

Pumped Electric

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Pumped Electric

Enjoy a High Pressure Shower Every Time
By using an electric pump, your shower’s water pressure is optimised.  This, combined with a thermostatically controlled temperature, means your shower is perfect every time. 

By even considering pumped electric showers you are already on your way to making sure you get the best out of your bathroom.  A high pressure shower can revitalise you in the morning and massage your muscles in the evening.  You can choose your pumped electric shower from these specialist manufacturers:

  • Mira 
  • Redring 
  • Triton 


These showers are designed to eradicate any chance of low water pressure and with an integrated pump and thermostat, the showers are simple to install.  Still, it is advised to consult a professional before deciding on your pumped electric shower, who can help you secure the perfect model for your home.