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A & J gummers 1861

This question is regarding Sirrus 1850 Dual Control - Thermostatic Shower Shower Spares

lm trying to identify this model off shower it is an antique type with a fixed head and slide bar the fixed head is 200mm in diameter the writing on the on /off knob has A & J Gummers 1861 any help appreciated the problem is that the shower drips when turned off

Asked 2 years ago by Andy Milson
If you can send a photo of the valve then there is a good chance we will be able to ID it. If you can send a of photo of the valve with the knobs and covers removed, so we can see the top part of the cartridge then there is a better chance of us identifying it and if it is possible a photo of the cartridge itself as this will give us a better chance still of identifying the manufacturer.
Answered 2 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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