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Sirrus Heritage Dual Control Shower Spares

Sirrus by Gummers Sirrus Heritage Dual Control Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 GUM-SK1850-4C Sirrus Knob & Sleeve Kit Concealed Shower White SK1850-4C View Replacement
1 GUM-SK1850-4E Sirrus Knob & Sleeve Kit Exposed Shower White SK1850-4E View Replacement
2 GUM-SK1500-5CP - TS1500 Conc. Plate Kit (Chrome) Discontinued
2 GUM-SK1500-5GP - TS1500 Conc. Plate Kit (Gold) Discontinued
2 GUM-SK1500-5W - TS1500 Conc. Plate Kit (White) Discontinued
3 GUM-SK1850-2 Sirrus 1850/968 Thermostatic Cartridge without Thermostat - SK1850-2 £159.98 +
4 GUM-SK1850-20 - Sirrus Spindle Assy. Kit 1850/968 Valve SK1850-20 Discontinued
5 GUM-SK740013 Sirrus Thermostat, for Use With Old Metal Piston - SK740013 £37.49 +
6 GUM-SK1500-3 Sirrus by Gummers Wax Thermostat and Piston - SK1500-3 £71.99 +
7 GUM-SK1500-9 Sirrus Inlet Elbow Assembly (brass Coloured) SK1500-9 £49.10 +
7 GUM-SK1500-9CP Sirrus Inlet Elbow Assembly (chrome) SK1500-9CP £66.82 +
7 GUM-SK1500-9GP Sirrus Inlet Elbow Assembly (gold) SK1500-9GP £83.51 +
8 GUM-SK1500-11CP Sirrus Elbow Cover Plates (chrome) SK1500-11CP Discontinued
8 GUM-SK1500-11GP Sirrus Elbow Cover Plates (gold) SK1500-11GP Discontinued
9 GUM-SK1500-12 Sirrus Flow Limiter Kit - SK1500-12 £12.53 +
A GUM-SK1850-1 Sirrus/Gummers 1850/968 Series Valve Seal Service Kit with Silicone - SK1850-1 £15.91 +
10 GUM-SK9500-C1 Sirrus 15mm Compression Nut S/c SK9500-C1 £1.76 +
10 GUM-SK9500-C1CP Sirrus 15mm Compression Nut Cp SK9500-C1CP £5.30 +
10 GUM-SK9500-C1GP NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Sirrus 15mm Compression Nut Gp SK9500-C1GP Discontinued
11 GUM-SK9500-C2 Sirrus 15mm Compression Olive SK9500-C2 Discontinued
N/S GUM-SK1850-15CP - Sirrus Ts1850 Conc. Plate Kit (chrome) SK1850-15CP Discontinued
N/S GUM-SK1850-15GP - TS1850 Conc. Plate Kit (Gold) Discontinued
N/S GUM-SK1850-17CCP Sirrus Ts1850 Antique Conv. Kit (chrome) SK1850-17CCP Discontinued
N/S GUM-SK1850-17CGP Sirrus Ts1850 Antique Conv. Kit (gold) SK1850-17CGP Discontinued
N/S GROHE-07587000 Grohe Avensys/Grohmaster Slider Piston For Thermostatic Mixing Valves - 07587000 £15.92 +
N/S GUM-760101 Sirrus Flow Limiter 760101 Discontinued
N/S GUM-780321 - STRAINER Discontinued
N/S GUM-9355-16 GUM-9355-16 Discontinued
N/S GUM-970010 Sirrus Plastic Check Valve 970010 Discontinued
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