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Water pressure

This question is regarding Sirrus Opac TS1503 Shower Spares

The water pressure on my shower lowers the hotter i turn the thermostat to the point of it barely dripping on 9. When cold though the pressure seems just fine.

Asked 7 years ago by Anonymous
Check that the head and hose are clear and that you are getting a good flow of hot water to the shower with the cartridge removed.

With the Sirrus 1500 series that in almost every occasion the first thing to do is give them a strip down clean and lube and fit a service kit, this will cure 85% of any problems and it is also the cheapest thing to do.If after servicing you find out that it needs a thermostat or piston, nothing is really lost because it almost certainly needed a service in any case.The The seal that shuts the water off is the seal that fits into the base of part 5 in an old valve this looks like a flat washer, it is in fact a thick heavy ‘O’ ring, this can be a difficult seal to fit. When fitting make sure that all the old seal is removed and no bits are hiding under the lip, give the seal a heat in hot water and make sure that the seal is well greased before fitting, once it is pressed in there can be bumpy bits on the face of the seal, rolling and pressing a screwdriver handle over the bumps a few times can help to smooth them out. The seal housing is available which has the washer already pressed in if for some reason you have difficulty fitting the new
Answered 7 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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