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Sirrus Ts 1503 Temp problems

This question is regarding Sirrus Ts 1503 Thermostatic Shower Valve Shower Spares

We have just had our boiler upgrded to a Alpha CD50 Combi Storage boiler and our two showers no longer work. They are both the model number above. They used to be gravity fed.

Also they have had to be isolated as the cold water back flows into the hotwater. The pressures are different. The Cold is about 2.5 Bar but the hot goes through a Pressure reducing valve to about 1.5 Bar.

What do you suggest as a solution.

Asked 9 years ago by Anonymous
The shower should be able to handle this as it should cope with a 5 to 1 differential however you may need to fit Flow limiters to the inlet You will probably only need the green one in the cold elbow (Part 10) It may also be worth fitting a service kit when you have it stripped down.
Answered 9 years ago by Anonymous
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