Sirrus TS1500 / TS15002L Lever Cartridge KIT - SK1500-2LKIT

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Product Discontinued
This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

We have sold our remaining stock and there are no direct replacements, however if you wish to discuss your options, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Product Description

Sirrus TS1500 / TS15002L Lever Cartridge KIT SK1500-2LKIT

Important Information

Due to the SK1500-2 & SK1500-2L cartridges is now being obsolete, this cartridge kit replacement is a good suitable replacement. 

You just need to use the cartridge along with the other parts in the kit and upgrade your shower in to a lever version. The other good news is that this lever is brass chrome and unlike the old plastic controls it wont wear the plastic. 

Suitable for the following showers as long as you use all the parts in the kit:

Armitage Shanks Thermostatic 3
Rothwell R996/R997 Thermostatic
Showerforce 912T (Thermostatic)
Showerforce 973T (Thermostatic)
Showerforce 974T (Thermostatic)
Sirrus TS1500 Thermostatic 
Sirrus TS1503 Thermostatic 
Sirrua Brittania Thermostatic
Sirrus Cifial Thermostatic
Sirrus Elson Thermostatic
Sirrus Faucet Thermostatic
Sirrus Opac TS1503 Thermostatic
Sirrus Tre Mercati Thermostatic 
Supajet Multimix Thermostatic
Triton TV1100 Thermstatic

Product Specification

Included in this sale:

1 x Cartridge 
1 x Shuttle / Piston 
1 x Spring
1 x Full chromed brass lever 
1 x Shroud White
1 x Allen key
1 x Lever Screw
1 x Lever cap 


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