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Stuart Turner Boostamatic Xp500h Xp700h Xp900h Thame Th9-2 Pump Spares

Stuart Turner Stuart Turner Boostamatic Xp500h Xp700h Xp900h Thame Th9-2 Pump Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 ST-17281 Stuart Turner Service Kit 17281 Discontinued
2 ST-17264 Stuart Turner Distance Piece 17264 Discontinued
3 ST-31346 Stuart Turner Backbody 31346 Discontinued
4 ST-31354 Stuart Turner Diffuser 31354 Discontinued
5 ST-26443 Stuart Turner Impelller (xfl72 Onlyj 26443 Discontinued
5 ST-26434 Stuart Turner Impeller (xfl192 Only) 26434 Discontinued
5 ST-26440 Stuart Turner Impeller (xpsooh Only) 26440 Discontinued
6 ST-27265 Stuart Turner Impeller (t12-2 Only) 27265 Discontinued
7 ST-17621 Stuart Turner Impeller Spacer (xp500h. 700h 900h Only) 17621 Discontinued
8 ST-18476 Stuart Turner Spacer (t6-2 18476 Discontinued
9 ST-31339 Stuart Turner Blanking Ring 31339 Discontinued
10 ST-31340 Stuart Turner 1 St Stage Diffuser 31340 Discontinued
11 ST-26441 Stuart Turner V Band Clamp 26441 Discontinued
12 ST-17277 Stuart Turner Cap Screw &nut 17277 Discontinued
13 ST-26451 Stuart Turner Checkvalve Holder 26451 Discontinued
14 ST-31353 Stuart Turner Suction Cover 31353 Discontinued
15 ST-31343 Stuart Turner Diaphragm 31343 Discontinued
16 ST-31344 Stuart Turner Tank Body 31344 Discontinued
17 ST-17269 Stuart Turner Checkvalve Chock 17269 Discontinued
18 ST-26439 Stuart Turner Nut - Suction Cover 26439 Discontinued
19 ST-17262 Stuart Turner Flow Control Nut &circlip 17262 Discontinued
20 ST-18499 Stuart Turner Flow Control Adaptor 18499 Discontinued
21 ST-26449 Stuart Turner Cone Hydrascan 26449 Discontinued
22 ST-31355 Stuart Turner Hydrascan Control Unit 31355 Discontinued
23 ST-26469 Stuart Turner Priming Plug & O Ring 26469 Discontinued
24 ST-26529 Stuart Turner Motor 230/1/50 (xfl72only) 26529 Discontinued
24 ST-26530 Stuart Turner Motor 230/1/50 (xfl192only) 26530 Discontinued
24 ST-- Stuart Turner Motor 230/1/50 (wickes Twin Only) - Discontinued
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