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Pump will not run but buzzes loadly and gets hot

This question is regarding Stuart Turner Monsoon 1.5 & 3.0 Bar Twin Pump Spares

Hi. I have a Monsoon 3.0bar Twin S/No 1652849/4504/W37335 which has stopped working. The pump buzzes loudly when activated and the body of the pump quickly gets very warm. I can see there has been a leak from one of the pump bodies - which seems to have entered the pump (whilst under pressure). Is it worth stripping the pump to replace the pump body seals as the motor itself appears to be in trouble?

Asked 6 years ago by Anonymous

The windings in the pump have burned out and as they are not available as a spare a new pump is required , can be ordered using the link below.
Answered 6 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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