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Stuart Turner Monsoon N4.0 Bar Twin Pump Spares

Stuart Turner Stuart Turner Monsoon N4.0 Bar Twin Pump Spares
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    Part Number Description      
- ST-19623 Negative Head, Reed & PCB Kit 19623 Discontinued
- ST-19625 Positive Head, Reed & PCB Kit 19625 Discontinued
1 ST-17685 Stuart Turner Service Kit (standard) 17685 Discontinued
2 ST-26611 Stuart Turner Mounting Plate (Brass) Discontinued
3 ST-15705 Stuart Turner Impeller 15705 Discontinued
3 ST-17564 Stuart Turner Impeller (n1 5 Bar Twin Only) 17564 £35.94 +
4 ST-17742 Stuart Turner Body Kit 17742 Discontinued
5 ST-23819 Stuart Turner Vent Plug 23819 Discontinued
6 ST-18780 Stuart Turner Non Return Valve Kit (single) 18780 Discontinued
7 ST-27078 Stuart Turner Flow Switch Body Kit 27078 Discontinued
8 ST-17513 Stuart Turner Manifold Clamp 17513 Discontinued
9 ST-17558 NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Stuart Turner Flexible Hose Discontinued
10 ST-17687 OBSOLETE - Stuart Turner Reed/reed Clamp Kit 17687 Discontinued
11 ST-18109 Stuart Turner Adaptor G3/8x 15mm 18109 Discontinued
12 ST-17608 Stuart Turner Transfer Pipe (n 1.5 Bar Twin Omy 17608 Discontinued
12 ST-17609 Stuart Turner Transfer Pipe (n3 Bar Twin Only) 17609 Discontinued
13 ST-27079 Stuart Turner Shuttle Valve Kit 27079 Discontinued
14 ST-26736 Now use part no ST-27787 Discontinued
15 ST-18092 Stuart Turner Pressure Switch - 18092 Discontinued
15 ST-18932 Stuart Turner Pressure Switch & Pcb Kit, Selv ( Red) 18932 Discontinued
16 ST-26596 Stuart Turner Strainer Body Kit 26596 Discontinued
17 ST-27077 Stuart Turner Now Order - St-18882 View Replacement
18 ST-26859 Stuart Turner Terminal Box Lid 26859 Discontinued
19 ST-40711 Stuart Turner Terminal Box Base 40711 Discontinued
21 ST-16392 Stuart Turner Prepared Cable 16392 Discontinued
22 ST-25539 Stuart Turner Resilient Pump Foot 25539 Discontinued
23 ST-26791 Stuart Turner Motor 230/1/50 (n3 Bar Twin Only) 26791 Discontinued
23 ST-17597 Stuart Turner 22mm - G3/4f Adaptor 17597 Discontinued
23 ST-22513 Stuart Turner Motor 230/1/50 (n1 5 Bar Twin Only) 22513 Discontinued
N/S ST-AFP3 Stuart Turner Compatible 7UF Starting Capacitor - AFP3 £14.99 +
N/S ST-AFP9 Stuart Turner Compatible 10uf Starting Capacitor - AFP9 £18.98 +
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