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Tiosan - (1 Litre Bottle)

Tiosan - (1 Litre Bottle)
Product Discontinued
This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

We have sold our remaining stock and there are no direct replacements, however if you wish to discuss your options, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Tiosan is designed to provide disinfection of domestic water systems with a safe and easy to use chemical. After a 24 hour treatment it is proven to remove all traces of biofilm and Legionella from a water system.
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What is Tiosan?
Tiosan is a formulation developed in Holland as a disinfectant. The chemical is based on hydrogen peroxide, which has been stabilised and catalysed by colloidal silver in minute quantities. Tiosan is based on a chemical, which has approval from the Secretary of State for the Environment for use in potable water systems in the United Kingdom. The formulation has proven efficacy against biofilm because the formulation can attack biofilm chemically and mechanically.

  • 1. A recent report by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) has indicated that standard chlorinating of water storage tanks as practised by the water treatment companies does not get rid of persistent legionella. This confirms the findings of BSRIA who reported that chlorine does not remove the biofilm where legionella tend to live. Most tank disinfections carried out by water treatment companies are ineffective.

  • 2. The development of a safe to use, easy to measure chemical which is much more efficient than chlorine. The chemical, Tiosan is based on a chemical which has DWI approval for disinfecting potable water systems.

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    These 1 Ltr bottles are only available whilst stocks last. Tiosan will not be supplying them in 1 Ltr form anymore . The other options available can be found searching Tiosan in the search bar via our website.
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