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Plumbing Consumables

Plumbing Consumables

When you think about plumbing equipment, you probably first imagine things like pumps, pipes and drains. These are items you may not have to replace very often—sometimes you can go dozens of years using some of these particular pieces. However, some plumbing items are consumable—meaning you may want to keep a supply on hand to deal with day-to-day maintenance. This is especially important for those who are keeping a large number of showers or other bathroom equipment up and running such as in a hotel, apartment complex or large office building.

You will find a large selection of plumbing consumables here at Shower Doctor, all available at great prices. Whether you are looking for washers, lubricants or other products, there is no need to pay more than you have to for these simple, but necessary products.

By shopping with us, in addition to offering a large selection of products at prices that cannot be beat, you have access to a team of professionals that understand what it takes to keep your shower and other bathroom items operational and running as best they can. Check us out today and find out why Shower Doctor puts the competition to shame.