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Trevi Therm Built In - Post 1997 Shower Spares

Trevi Trevi Therm Built In - Post 1997 Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
3 Discontinued
5 IDL-A962585AA Traditional volume control handle cap Chrome A962585AA Discontinued
5 IDL-A962585AC Traditional volume control handle cap White A962585AC Discontinued
5 IDL-A962585AZ Traditional volume control handle cap Gold A962585AZ Discontinued
8 IDL-A918416 Ideal Standard Trevi Temp Screw Control Handle - A918416 £8.17 +
9 IDL-A962599AA Ideal Standard Temperature Handle Cover Sleeve Chrome - A962599aa £21.52 +
10 IDL-A923348 Ideal Standard Volume Control Handle Carrier - A923348 £7.98 +
12 IDL-A911940 Ideal Standard Gear Box Sealing Washer - A911940 £7.75 +
14 IDL-A963067NU Ideal Standard Trevitherm Set Gearbox Parts - A963067NU £32.30 +
15 IDL-A953155NU11 Ideal Standard Gear Spindle 84.0Mm - A953155nu11 £18.58 +
16 IDL-A960489NU Ideal Standard Gear Slip Clutches For Trevi Therm Pair - A960489nu £21.52 +
18 IDL-A952501NU11 Ideal Standard 1/2 Dx 1/4 Turn Cartrdge A/Cl Close - A952501nu11 View Replacement
19 IDL-S960134NU Ideal Standard Wittlich 3/4 Thermostatic Cartridge D 08 - S960134nu £118.80 +
1A IDL-A963619AA Ideal Standard Trevi New Style Fc Plate Chrome - A963619aa £18.16 +
20 IDL-A963649NU Ideal Standard Temp Handle Extension Mk2 - A963649nu £10.75 +
21 IDL-A953957NU11 Ideal Standard Temperature Adjustment Carrier - A953957nu11 £21.20 +
23 IDL-A962102AA Ideal Standard Outline Therm Back Plate Chrome - A962102aa £77.22 +
24 IDL-L960214AA Trevi Traditional Lever Handle Pack - Chrome View Replacement
24 IDL-L960214AC Traditional temperature handle White L960214AC Discontinued
24 IDL-L960214AZ Traditional temperature handle Gold L960214AZ Discontinued
25 IDL-A962927NU Dualux Flushing Nipple Built-In Discontinued
26 IDL-A923146 Plaster guard for Trevi Discontinued
27 IDL-99107503 Mounting template/plaster guide screws 99107503 Discontinued
28 IDL-E960114NU Ideal Standard Flow Regulator 4L/Min Mro1ga Ref 58.6124 - E960114nu View Replacement
29 IDL-E960113NU Ideal Standard Flow Regulator 8L/Min Mro1ga Ref 58.6128 - E960113nu £7.98 +
2A IDL-A962601NU Ideal Standard Trevi Therm Plastic Ring - A962601nu £11.83 +
30 IDL-A2405AA Traditional Wall Elbow CHROME A2405AA Discontinued
33 IDL-L960003AA Ideal Standard Outline Adjustable Shower Station (Chrome) - L960003aa View Replacement
34 IDL-L960006AA Outline Wall Elbow - Chrome £42.26 +
35 IDL-L6731AA Trevi Outline Smooth Shower Hose - 1.5M £48.92 +
3A IDL-A918434AA Ideal Standard Oval Head Screw M 4 X 50 Chrome - A918434aa £8.90 +
3B IDL-A961160AA Trevi 728 Cover Fixing Screws, Pair (Chrome) - A961160AA Discontinued
4D IDL- Screw Discontinued
4E IDL-A907294LJ Ideal Standard Insert Cap-Trevi - A907294lj £8.90 +
6A IDL-E950848AC Traditional volume handle White E950848AC Discontinued
6A IDL-E950848AZ Traditional volume handle Gold E950848AZ Discontinued
6E IDL-A963515AA Ideal Standard Trevi Therm Volume Control Handle Chrome - A963515aa £26.90 +
6E IDL-A963515AC Trevi Therm Volume Control Handle White A963515AC View Replacement
6E IDL-A963515AZ Trevi Therm volume handle Gold A963515AZ Discontinued
7C IDL-L960218AC Traditional temperature handle index White L960218AC Discontinued
7C IDL-L960218AZ Traditional temperature handle index Gold L960218AZ Discontinued
7C IDL-A962352PQ Ideal Standard Outline Temp Control Handle Cp/Velr - A962352pq £45.08 +
7E IDL-A963506AA Ideal Standard Trevi Therm Temp Control Handle Chrome - A963506aa £26.90 +
7E IDL-A963506AC Trevi Therm Temperature handle White A963506AC Discontinued
7E IDL-A963506AZ Trevi Therm Temperature handle Gold A963506AZ Discontinued
8B IDL-A91842814 Ideal Standard Handle Screw M4 X 23.5 (Azimuth) - A91842814 View Replacement
9A IDL-A907270AC Traditional Volume control handle shroud White A907270AC Discontinued
9A IDL-A907270AZ Traditional Volume control handle shroud Gold A907270AZ Discontinued
10A IDL-N058997NU Ideal Standard Plastic Adapter - N058997nu £7.98 +
15A IDL-A953164NU11 Ideal Standard Gear Spindle 60.5Mm - A953164nu11 £18.58 +
19A IDL-A963069NU Ideal Standard Trevi Therm O-Ring & Filter Set - A963069nu £13.45 +
30A IDL-E960116AZ Traditional Wall Elbow Gold E960116AZ Discontinued
N/A IDL-A962585NU Ideal Standard Trevi Therm Cap Black - A962585nu £8.93 +
Ideal Standard/Trevi Therm Built-in Thermostatic Mixer, Valve Only (Chrome)
Ideal Standard Trevi Therm Built-In Thermostatic Shower Valve  - A3000aa
The Shower Doctor Silicone Grease (30ml Tub) - MCSILICONE
The Shower Doctor Silicone Grease (30ml Tub) - MCSILICONE
Gummers/Bristan Seal Kit for Mini Sequential Valves - SK1200-1
Gummers Seals Kit For Mini Seq Valve - Sk1200-1
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