Triton aquatronic 3 electric shower

I have the above shower, it was working fine, i stripped my bathroom out and re-installed it, extended the wiring loom and moved the water pipe, the pull cord on the ceiling is turned on, the water supply is turned on, the shower is running water through with out the power switch on the shower being turned on, the power light is illuminated on the shower, if you then turn the shower on the water gets hot with the temp up, turn the temp down it gets powerfull and cold, turn the power button on the shower of, the water is still running, pull the ceiling switch to off and no power is running through it but the water is still running through, its like the shut off valve is not closing the water off. Also i dont remember the orange/red illumination light on the shower being on all the time when the shower was not running.

I have taken the shower apart but can find nothing obviously wrong with it. Please help ! Mick
Asked 12 years ago by Mick

If when you switch off the shower at the main isolator and the shower keeps running then you have a faulty solenoid.


When you switch off the shower at the main isolator and the water stops running, then you have a faulty on/off switch or a faulty PCB or a micro switch that is sticking on.

Answered 12 years ago by Anonymous

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