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Replace old shower

This question is regarding Triton Aspirante Electric Shower 9.5Kw Brushed Steel - Asp09brstl

Looking to replace old redring instant 7S shower - will this be a big job, not looking to replace tiles. Also what is major difference between 8.5KW and 9.5KW.



Asked 6 years ago by Anonymous
Fitting a more powerful shower to the existing wiring.If your existing shower was installed with 6mm wiring (as it should have been) then fitting another shower (even up to one of the 10kw units) to the existing wiring should be no problem, depending on the length of the run off cable and how the cable is installed.Here is a table that allows you to work out what you can do with the existing wiring, make sure you fill it in accurately as this can make a large difference to the eventual You may also have to change the fuse Up to 8.5kw 35 Amp fuse Up to 9.5kw 40 Amp FuseUp to 10.5kw 45 Amp FuseIf you are even in the slightest unsure about any of the above then please contact an electrician.
Answered 6 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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