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Very Hot Shower

This question is regarding Triton Aspirante Electric Shower 9.5Kw Brushed Steel - Asp09brstl

Bought this shower a couple of weeks ago, installed and working BUT even at the low heat setting and the water turned fully on the water coming out the shower head is just bearable to stand under (really hot) also the water pulses slightly...any suggestions please - previous Triton shower did not have problems like this...

Asked 6 years ago by Anonymous
The things to check firstare:

1 That the main valve cominginto your house is fully open.

2 Then check that the valve on the line to the shower isfully open.

If these valvesare not fully open then there may not be enough water getting to your shower.Make sure that the shower head isclean and clear, that the hose isn’t kinked (this can happen just behind thehand set where it is difficult to see) also check the inside of the hosealthough it can look OK on the outside it could have collapsed internally

The other possibility is a faultyflow/stabilizer valve not allowing the correct amount of water into the shower.

A rough check is to remove theshower head turn temperature control to fully hot the water coming out of thehose should be a bit more than a dribble then turn to fully cold and it shouldbe coming out at full flow.

Ifthere is not much difference between the two then you could have a faulty flowvalve.

Carry out this checkafter you check the inlet valves.
Answered 6 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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