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Bang and black prowder in water no heat

This question is regarding Triton Hawaii 2 (2011) Shower Spares

Water only runs cold only 18 months old

Asked 7 years ago by Anonymous
If the showeris absolutely cold then I think you may have a faulty Thermal Cut Out

A faulty TCO will have no continuity across the two terminals (Theblack thing on top of the heating tank)

Therefore agood TCO will have power at both connections and a faulty TCO will have power atonly one.

(The function of the TCO is, if thewater over heats it cuts the power off to the elements) If there is some heat it may be a faultyelement in the heating tank (there are two, three in most 10kw showers) you cancheck them with a multi meter you should have a reading of around 12>18 ohms.If you have power to the elements and noheat it's probably the elements, no power to the elements then it'sprobably a micro switch.If you don’t have a multimeter we sell themat £10 each with a guide on how to use them for checking and testing the variousparts of your shower.Apart from helping to fix your shower, theyare really useful for checking you have a power supply to appliances, forchecking fuses, letting you know much power you have left in batteries(so you know if they aredud or not) and lots of other jobs, in short they are well worth the £
Answered 7 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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