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hot and cold

This question is regarding Triton Hawaii 2 (2011) Shower Spares

My shower goes hot and cold whilst showering for no reason what is the cause

Asked 6 years ago by Anonymous
The things to check first are.

1 That the main valve coming into your house is fully open.

2 Then check that the valve on the line to the shower is fully open.

If these valves are not fully open then there may not be enough water
getting to your shower to cool it properly, the overheat safety devicewill turn
the power off until it cools, then it then it starts to heat again andso on. Make sure that the shower headis clean and clear, that the hose isn’t kinked (this can happen just behind thehand set where it is difficult to see) also check the inside of the hose althoughit can look OK on the outside it could have collapsed internally

The other possibility is a faulty flow/stabilizer valve not allowingthe correct amount of water into the shower.

Answered 6 years ago by George Thomson
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