30 mins start to finish

Reviewed 11 years ago by M James
Read the manual (triton internet site) worked out the problem, found showerdoc.com - without speaking to anyone confirmed and ordered the correct part, fast delivery, read the instructions that came with it, took me 30 mins from finding the electric and water stop values (water value inside a kitchen unit near the sink and old boiler room), turning them off,

- needed two screwdrivers (and pliars to get the shower head off the shower hose - or a strong man will do).

Opening - removed 3 screws and the flat cable from the motherboard connecting the front part of the unit (easy, just pull black plug out), removed the Outlet pipe assembly (2 srews - this had a green and yellow earth wire connected to it) changed PRD in the hose behind, replaced everything, cleaned the showerhead (clean the little plastic filter inside as this had bits in it -poss cause of my PRD leaking), turned everything all back on. shower working. Mum very proud, too.

Couldnt have done it without shower.doc, would have called a plumber (£££) and the diagrams of the shower parts on your site helped to, Great Service, Big Hug, Thanks.

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