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Leakage coming from where?

This question is regarding Triton T70i Shower Spares

Hi, I have a cicra 12yr old Triton T70 and there is some water running from where the outlet pipe exits the shower panel.

With the case off the issue does not seem to be from "3. Outlet pipe assembly" although if this is pushed towards the wall slightly or pulled out slightly then it leaks water from the connection point. The casing does not have any contact with this so i don't think this is the issue.

Again, with the casing off there is a leak from a component on the right hand side but which one exactly with is difficult to tell.

Admittedly the shower is old and presumably past it's design life. A replacement can be purchaed for under 60GBP so is it fair to say it's time for buy and install a new shower? or is there a simple fix to stop the leaking?

Asked 9 years ago by Anonymous
Probably leaking from the stabiliser valve which is now obsolete .....Time for a new shower. Unfortunately there is nothing that is a direct swap. However....... Triton has recently brought out the T80Z this shower has been designed round being a retrofit unit  (Tritons word not mine!) The pipe work can be brought in from almost any position and there is a reasonable amount of space for cable entry from most positions. Here is the  See Video at the foot of the page  
Answered 9 years ago by Anonymous
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