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Running cold; Power light stays off.

This question is regarding Triton T80i Shower Spares

Hi. I bought a heater can for the T80i here six months ago, replaced it and it has worked fine since. However it is now running cold (with normal water pressure)and the power light is not coming on. I've checked the fuse and that's fine. Could you advise?

Asked 9 years ago by Sean Gillen
I think you may have a faulty Thermal Cut Out

A faulty TCO will have no continuity across the two terminals (The black thing on top of the heating tank)

Therefore a good TCO will have power at both connections and a faulty TCO will have power at only one.

(The function of the TCO is, if the water over heats it cuts the power off to the elements)See  
Answered 9 years ago by Anonymous
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