This is one shower I don't mind being caught in.

Reviewed 11 years ago by Chris Stone
Our last shower was a Triton Topaz T100si, we only had it because our original one (something cheap and nasty) blew up and melted itself and the Triton was the only one in Focus on the night we needed it. Ours is a very hard water area and this one has a scale trap you can empty (you have to take the front off first) There is only the one cold water inlet, so only 1 pipe to worry about, if you get low pressure water in the summer there is an ECO button you can push to help equalise the temperature with the amount of water coming through. It has a 2yr g'tee, upgradable for another 3 yrs, and thankfully it is still in production after 5yrs, so it was a case of pop the old one out, and just as easily fit the new one in. The shower head has 5 setting positions for the spray, from blast the dirt off to gently wash the sorest sunburn. We were so pleased to find the Shower doc was selling it and they were so helpful before we parted with our hard earned, a good company and a good product, what more could you possibly ask for?

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