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Watermill Pump BP50DANH Shower Spares

Grundfos Watermill Watermill Pump BP50DANH Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 GRUN-AK061 Grundfos Set of 4 Hoses - Brass Pump - 22mm Push Fit AK061 Discontinued
1 GRUN-AK068 Grundfos Brass Pump 22mm Push Fit Hoses, (Pair) - AK068 Discontinued
2 GRUN-BP415 Grundfos Pressure Vessel - 0.5 litre + Fibre Washer BP415 Discontinued
3 GRUN-BP416 Grundfos Negative Head Tower - Brass Pump - incl. NRV & Collet BP416 Discontinued
4 GRUN-BP417 Grundfos Pressure Switch + Fibre Washer (Brass Pump) BP417 Discontinued
5 GRUN-PP203 Grundfos Collet Set 22mm PP203 Discontinued
6 GRUN-BP418 Grundfos Flow Switch Tower - incl. Float & Collet BP418 £29.22 +
7 GRUN-ASK005 Grundfos Watermill Pump Reed Switch and Strap - ASK005 Discontinued
8 GRUN-MX051 Grundfos Bonded Seal MX051 £4.12 +
9 GRUN-BP419 Grundfos Strainer Tower - incl. Collet BP419 Discontinued
10 GRUN-PP217 Grundfos Strainer PP217 Discontinued
11 GRUN-BP420 Grundfos Presure Vessel - 0.16 litre + Fibre Washer BP420 Discontinued
12 GRUN-WS137 Grundfos Mains Cable - Brass Pump WS137 Discontinued
13 GRUN-EA006 Grundfos Watermill Twin Negative Brass Pump PCB - EA006 Discontinued
13 GRUN-EA10023 Grundfos PCB - Brass Single Negative Head EA10023 Discontinued
14 GRUN-EC047 Grundfos Capacitor - 12µF EC047 Discontinued
14 GRUN-EC050 Grundfos Capacitor - 10µF EC050 Discontinued
14 GRUN-EC052 Grundfos Capacitor - 7µF - STN-1.5 B EC052 Discontinued
14 GRUN-EC10026 Grundfos Capacitor - 16µF EC10026 Discontinued
15 GRUN-MG027 Grundfos Surge Arrestor (Single) MG027 Discontinued
16 GRUN-MS069 Grundfos Pump Head Screw - St Andrews Cross Pump Head MS069 Discontinued
16 GRUN-MS093 Grundfos Pump Head Screw - St Georges Cross Pump Head MS093 Discontinued
17 GRUN-MC10009 Grundfos Pump Head MC10009 Discontinued
18 GRUN-MC10011/2 Grundfos Watermill 3 Bar Brass Pump Impeller - MC10011/2 Discontinued
18 GRUN-MC10011/3 Grundfos Impeller Brass 2 bar MC10011/3 Discontinued
18 GRUN-MC039 Grundfos Impeller Brass 4 Bar - MC10011/1 Discontinued
18 GRUN-MC052 Grundfos Impeller Brass 1.5 bar - STP-1.5 B MC052 Discontinued
19 GRUN-MX020 Grundfos Watermill Pump Head O-Ring - MX020 Discontinued
20 GRUN-MS008 Grundfos Woodruff Key MS008 Discontinued
21 GRUN-MG023 Grundfos Anti-vibration Foot - Brass Pump MG023 Discontinued
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